Open Tour France - Spring Tournament: Recap Week 2

The Spring Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France is now well underway. After a second weekend of competition, there are only four teams left in the competition and not necessarily the ones that we expected.

Upper Bracket: the fall of BDS and Vitality

All of Saturday's Upper Bracket matches were exciting, starting with the encounter between Team BDS and Vitality. BDS has been sailing through the competition so far, but they had not yet crossed paths with another VCT team, and against all odds, BDS lost their match to Vitality! In the first round on Icebox, the Bees had taken a commanding lead of 9 rounds to 3 at the sides' change. Cender and Bramz were dominating all the matches and despite a nice comeback by BDS in Attack, Vitality was able to win the first map.

Once on Split, Vitality proved that it was not just a stroke of luck. Even though BDS kept up in the first half, they were no match for Vitality who took advantage of the side change to snowball the game. BDS then found themselves ejected into the Lower Bracket, where things were not going to get any better.

In the other matches of this stage of the Upper Bracket, we can note the victory of Megastitut on Yendez. They gave their opponents very tough 13-1 and 13-3. The encounter against Edelweiss Esports and EXCEL was more tense, but EXCEL won 2 maps to 0 thanks to the excellent performance of Ale. Finally, MTP Esports won their match against Team Roquette, thanks to NRK's Astra, who was very solid.

Sunday marked the start of the BO5. Vitality faced Megastitut this time, while EXCEL faced MTP Esports.

After the victory of Vitality against BDS, we thought they were favourites against Megastitut. The first map, Icebox, gave us no reason to doubt. Bramz and vakk led the way on their duelists and won the map 13-6. Same thing on Ascent, where Vitality won 8 rounds to 4 before side change.

But that's when things started to get complicated. Once in Defense, Megastitut no longer concedes anything to their opponents. Newzera and iDex, on Sage and Killjoy, locked up the sites and prevented Vitality from deploying their game. Megastitut then made a fantastic comeback and won the second on a 13-10.

On Split, the two teams were neck and neck for a long time, until Megastitut took a comfortable advantage in economy and validated the map. The final blow came on Haven, where Megastitut simply crushed Vitality on a 13-1 ! A real achivement for iDex's team, but one that raises very serious questions about the strength of Vitality.

The match between EXCEL and MTP Esport was much closer. In the end, EXCEL won, but not without some scares, with scores of 11-13, 13-11, 11-13, 13-11 and 13-7. This match highlighted the flexibility of EXCELT. Indeed, with the exception of Ale, always imperious on Reyna and Raze, all the players of the team played at least 3 different Agents. Special mention to Davidp who played 5 Agents and got excellent results on most of them (including a Brimstone at 2.1 KD to close the match).

Lower Bracket: the rout

The battle in the Lower Bracket was fierce. In the end, Tropiq and Vitality managed to stay in the race. Entropiq clearly had the hardest time, as they had to defeat Yendez, BDS and MTP Esports, the three best teams to fall out of the Upper Bracket. As for Vitality, they put a stop to BK ROG Esports' comeback, despite some scares on Split.

The two teams will have to battle it out this weekend, before playing for a place in the final against the loser of the match between EXCEL and Megastitut.

The Grand Final is coming

This Saturday, we'll see the final of the Upper Bracket! Who of EXCEL or Megastitut will react the final and take the lead round? You will be able to watch these matches, commented by ZeratoR, Lutti, SuriPlay et Kiiper0ne, from 15h on the Twitch channel Mandatory !