Open Tour France – Spring Tournament: Recap Week 1

This weekend marked the kick-off of the Valorant Open Tour France and the Spring Tournament ! The French circuit started with a bang, with many exceptional matches and a first glimpse of the level of the Valorant French scene. Here's a look back at two days of competitions.

The Swiss system

The first phase in Swiss-system allowed a first selection among the 121 participating teams. Each team played 7 matches and the 32 best teams qualified for the rest of the tournament.

In this first phase, only one team has managed a flawless performance: BDS ! This is not really surprising, as the former Opportunists are already spreading terror at the highest level of the Valorant Champions Tour. BDS flew through the competition, conceding only 30 rounds in 7 matches (an average of 4 rounds per match). They faced some of the best teams in the tournament, such as Entropiq or Yendez. BDS even had the luxury of beating Edelweiss Esports by a score of 13-2 in the final match of this phase.

Behind BDS, there are 7 teams that have won 6 of the 7 rounds. Among them, big names of the international scene like Alliance and Vitality. Alliance had no particular problems and were two rounds away from a flawless performance. Team Vitality was in even better shape, winning every one of their matches by a wide margin, if we exclude the loss to Megastitut, LoWkii's former team.

The more modest teams included Edelweiss, Entropiq and Excel. Apart from their setback against BDS, Edelweiss Esports won all of their matches, including their match against Alliance. Entropiq and Excel had similar successes, with the exception of their respective losses to BDS and Megastitut.

Among the smaller teams, there are Megastitut and POWER. The former is the result of the merger of Megakich and L'Institut. Their score of 6 wins out of 7 rounds is particularly impressive as they had to face many top teams. As for POWER, led by NokSs, they have the same final score, but after a slightly less difficult course.

Finally, among the other qualified teams, despite more defeats, we can mention Ballista. With the Poles, it's make or break. Whether they win or lose, the matches are played in an average of only 17 rounds. The team lost to Vitality and Yendez. Yendez , who was expected to be a little stronger, but had to play one tough match after another. The team still qualified for Phase 2 despite losses to BDS, Megastitut and Vitality.

The start of the double bracket

Once the top 32 teams selected, serious business began with the double elimination bracket. BDS, Vitality and Megastitut continued to cruise at the top of the tournament, winning their first two BO3s with ease. It was more complicated for Excel and Edelweiss Esports, still in the winner bracket, but encountered some resistance.

However, four of the favourites were ejected into the loser bracket fairly quickly. Alliance fell in the first match against Yendez. After a first victory against LOS VAGOS, Entropiq lost to MTP Esport. Ballista and POWER also lost their second matches.

The loser bracket was the occasion of a match between Entropiq and Alliance, the teams of the two ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas. In the end, HyP's team won, disqualifying Fearoth and his allies from the Spring Tournament. To see a team that was recently at the top of the VCT fall so early is both a counter-performance, but also a sign that the French level of Valorant is particularly high and that the competition should not be taken lightly. Ballista and POWER are still in the loser bracket.

The rest of the Spring Tournament, live!

The competition resumes Saturday 15th May, with the quarter-finals of the winner final. The matches will this time be broadcast and commented by Lutti, SuriPlay and Kiiper0ne on Mandatory's Twitch channel. Don't hesitate to follow it now, especially as there are some great matches to come!

This second weekend will start by the match between BDS and Vitality. At the same time, there will be a match between Megastitut and Yendez, the two biggest teams in the competition without an organisation. Finally, Edelweiss Esports will face Excel, and Team Roquette will face MTP Esport.

On the loser bracket side, the winning team of the match Entropiq vs. POWER will continue the race. Ballista Esports will face Vaccuumers.

An update of the French meta

The Valorant Open Tour France offers us the unique opportunity to take a look at the French-speaking teams' meta. More than 400 maps were played throughout the weekend, for 4000 selected Agents.

The three most popular Agents are Sage (65.93%), Jett (65.19%) and Sova (55.62%).

valorant-database-agents-sage-button valorant-database-agents-jett-button valorant-database-agents-sova-button

While we have become accustomed to seeing Jett and Sova at the VCT, Sage had become much rarer, despite a resurgence in popularity in recent weeks. By comparison, Sage was only the fifth most popular Agent in the second Challengers of the Phase 2, including qualifiers.

Another surprising popularity is the presence of Viper in fifth place of the Valorant Open Tour France. She was selected 41.22% of the time, which may not seem like much, but remember that the poisoner was at the bottom of the pick rate for almost a year, with about 6% selection.

The three least popular Agents are Yoru (2.61%), Phoenix (14.03%) and Breach (14.65%).

valorant-database-agents-yoru-button valorant-database-agents-phoenix-button valorant-database-agents-breach-button

Not surprisingly, these Agents struggle to make a difference compared to other Duelists and Initiators. While many players complained about the impact of Breach in their games, it's now clear that the Agents does not often win rounds. In fact, he has the lowest win ratio of any character in the tournament at the moment (40.68%).

The crippled bearded man has competition from, among others, Skye, who is more flexible and less restrictive. The shaman has a low 27.19% selection rate, but she has won 54.79% of the maps she has played. This is the second best winrate, only a few points behind Astra. Valorant's latest Agent was able to quickly establish herself on the competitive scene with a 54.94% winrate.