Open Tour France – Fall Tournament: Week 1 Recap

This weekend marked the beginning of the Fall Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ! As a reminder, this tournament is the third and last chance for the teams to qualify for the French Championships taking place at the end of November. Here is a look back at the first week of competition.

Surprising Swiss rounds

As usual, the teams started the tournament with a series of Swiss rounds and the 32 best roster after 9 matches could enter the double elimination bracket.

The big surprise of the weekend was undoubtedly the winning streak of Stunned5 ! The team, which is made up of players unknown to the general public is the only one to be undefeated after the Swiss rounds, having even won against strong opponents such as Team Vitality and Bonsoir. Moreover, Stunned5 proved that they not only win , but also do it the right way, with 13-3 and 13-4 victories over FAKE esport and ChosenFive.

Congratulations to DarkLight, Ridder, GillianH, Kiiyo and nataNk for their performance!

On their side, Alliance also came close to a clean sweep but had to forfeit the first match. Note that the team was particularly efficient on Fracture, with a 13-4 victory over Bonsoir on this map!

For the bees of Team Vitality, the Swiss rounds were also conclusive with only one loss against Stunned5. Apart from the latter team, Vitality dominated all their matches, notably by inflicting heavy 13-1 defeats on Bistrot des gamers Red and webSPELL.

The other surprise of the weekend concerns iDex ! Indeed, iDex, who was qualified for the VALOTF final thanks to Megastitut, is now playing in the team Bonsoir alongside LaAw, Oniby, SoOn and Matelian. In any case, this change of team did not prevent the Belgian from remaining very efficient and from participating greatly in the qualification of his team!

As for the rest of the qualified teams, we find teams already present in previous editions such as BK ROG, Brief or even The Space Zinzins.

In addition to the Swiss rounds, this first week of competition also featured the 16th final of the double elimination bracket. With two exceptions: the Esport Generation/Coalition and FuN/Maxisaucisse matches.

At Mandatory, we are very happy with the level of the competition. We feel that Valorant has grown and that the players have their automatisms, especially as the meta has been well established for several months. We can't wait to see what the competition will be like from next weekend onwards!

If you want to follow the second week of the tournament on stream, we invite you to visit our dedicated page.