Open Tour France – Fall Tournament: Recap Week 2

The continuation of the Fall Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France was held this weekend! At the end of these two days of intense competition, we now know the 4 finalist teams, who will face each other in the finals of the lower and upper brackets next week.

Review of the upper bracket matches

The passed week, during round 32 and 16, a number of teams shone with their performances, including Vitality, Alliance or even Stunned5. The level of play was again very high during the weekend, and even though the majority of the matches were played in just two matches were played in just two maps in the top bracket, all the teams gave it their all!

Matches recap - Upper bracket – VALOTF Fall

This week again, Team Vitality did not flinch. The Bees won one victory after another to reach the final of the upper bracket, sending BK ROG and Alliance in the lower bracket. However, the match against Alliance tested Vitality's mental strength. On Icebox, the two teams were neck and neck at the changeover, 7-5, with Vitality holding a slight lead. Fearoth and his teammates managed to win four more rounds before losing by a final score of 13-9.

On Breeze, the two teams went toe to toe and ended up tied at the end of the first half. Vitality was determined to win. Their defense was effective and they won 6 successive rounds. At this stage, the Bees were leading 12-7. Unfortunately for Alliance, the extra point was not enough and the map ended with a score of 13 to 10.

Undefeated during the 8 matches of the Swiss rounds, the Stunned5 players finally lost to Last Dance. In the lower bracket, the team managed to get back on track by taking out NOX Esports and short. In their clash against Alliance, Stunned5 did not lose out but lost 0-2, with a defeat 9-13 on Icebox and 10-13 on Haven.

With 6 wins and 2 losses, the team Last Dance was in 9th position in the ranking last week. This weekend, the players were even more successful, winning all their matches without conceding a point. Thanks to their victories against Stunned5 and New World, the roster advances to the final of the upper bracket.

The final between Vitality and Last Dance will undoubtedly offer some intense and high-flying rounds. Congratulations again to both teams for their current performance!

A last chance in the lower bracket

In the lower bracket, the matches were just as intense, with each team wanting to continue the VALOTF adventure a little further. Alliance secured its place with win over Stunned5.

Players of BK ROG narrowly escaped elimination as the match against New World was played over 3 maps. It took 32 rounds and more than an hour of play to decide between the two teams on the first map, which was finally won by New World. Despite this point, BK ROG remained strong and took the second map with a score of 13 to 10. The last map, Ascent, gave New World a hard time who lost 4 to 13.

The two rosters will face off next weekend to determine which one will join the Vitality Bees or the Last Dance players in the Grand Final of the Fall Tournament!

Mandatory would like to thank all the teams that participated in this autumn edition but did not qualify for the next round.

If you wish to follow the final stages of the Fall Tournament, please visit our dedicated page.