TSM splits with its team and temporarily withdraws from Valorant

After a more than disappointing season, TSM has decided to temporarily withdraw from Valorant and parted company with all its players and coaching staff.

While the mercato for the biggest teams will not begin until the end of the world championships, it is already the end of the season for the structures that participate in intermediate leagues such as the VCL. Last week, TSM saw itself eliminated in the first round of the VCL America play-offs. It was quite a setback, and a far cry from their goal of qualifying for the American Ascension tournament.

TSM is a long-established esport structure that made a big splash in the early days of Valorant, before being left behind by most of the other teams. Things started to get really complicated for the structure and its image when she was not selected to take part in VCT Americas and was forced to compete in the VCL. The first split went very well, with the team losing just one match (to M80, winners of Split 2 and finalists in the Ascension Americas), but they collapsed in Split 2.

With this in mind, TSM prefers to wipe the slate clean and is parting company with its players and staff. This is how Corey, Daeda, ENGH, gMd, Kanpeki, NaturE and seven find themselves without a team. However, she retains her slot in the VCL America and has already announced her return as soon as the Challenger circuit resumes.

We can imagine that TSM does not wish to continue paying a team which has disappointed and which in any case will not be able to play again on the official circuit for at least 6 months. The Valorant competitive calendar ends very early for teams that are not part of the VCT.