TSM recruits Brax as 6th man

After leaving T1 on 8th February, Brax is now joining TSM. The former CS:GO prodigy was the first player of T1 when the team was created. In fact, he was Valorant's first professional player, signed in March 2020 even before the closed beta.

TSM has lost some of its fame lately. While they won several tournaments in 2020, such as the FaZe Clan Invitational, and made it to the finals of the First Strike North America, the team is now struggling to make it to the top of the rankings. The team lost in the semi-finals of the NA Challengers 3 of Phase 1, then in the 16th round of the first Challengers NA of Phase 2. It was then more than necessary to bring a new breath in the team.

The recruitment of Brax brings the number of players at TSM to 6. A way for the team to have several strings on your bow, the player being a main Cypher. It's not the first organisation to make this choice: we remember Team Heretics, the first team to have included a 6th player to its roster.

Let's hope that Brax's arrival will help his team to go further in the next competitions, especially in the Challengers 2 NA qualifiers which start on 15th April.