TSM parts ways with Hazed who joins NRG

The organisation TSM has just announced that it is parting ways with Hazed, a player who has been with the team since its inception.

Former CS:GO player, hazed took his first steps on the Valorant scene under the colours of mouseSpaz, a team with which he won many small competitions. Quickly, TSM became interested in the roster and decided to recruit them all..

The team enjoyed great success in 2020, notably during the Ignition Series. However, the season 2021 was a mixed bag, with unsatisfactory results in the Challengers qualifiers of the various VCT phases. 

It was not until the Challengers 2 Phase 3 North America for the team to stand out and take the first place. Despite this performance, it was not enough to qualify for the Valorant Champions, and TSM's VCT season ended after a top 7 in the Challengers play-offs of Phase 3.

Since then, the team has not been seen in competition and has decided to reorganise its roster. It parted ways with their coach, Chet, who has since joined Team Envy and sidelined bang. A few days ago, it finally announced that it was also parting ways with hazed, wishing him the best of luck in the future.

Shortly after TSM's tweet, NRG announced that it had recruited the player, who therefore already has a new team for the 2022 season.