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[Update] The WePlay! Invitational on pause for cheat suspicion

Update: The investigation of Riot Games is finished. It concluded that there had been no cheating during the qualifiers. Nolpenki is now cleared and has returned to the WePlay! Invitational competition.

Today started the WePlay! Invitational, a tournament of the Ignition Series. While everything seemed to be going well, the competition was put on hold by Riot Games. A team is suspected to have cheated during its qualifier.

The incriminated team is Team nolpenki. Its official Twitter account explained that its match against G2 esports had been delayed due to suspicion of cheating the day before, before deleting its tweet. At the same time, the nolpenki team was removed from the tournament participant list on WePlay! official website.

Valorant : WePlay! Invitational
WePlay! Invitational has removed nolpenki from the invited teams.

It's the first time this happens during an official Valorant tournament. How Riot Games reacts will therefore be interesting to see.

It's too early to know whether Riot's suspicions are legit or not, but Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat system, is currently investigating. Riot Games already having a policy of zero tolerance regarding cheating on Valorant, the consequences for having cheated in an Ignition Series tournament could be terrible. The incriminated players, and even the team, could simply be banned from the Valorant competitive scene.

For now, we can only wait for the results of the investigation. If suspicion is confirmed, it's not known whether nolpenki will be replaced by its qualifiers' opponents or not.