The VCT Game Changers comes to Europe

After two successful editions in the United States, Riot Games has decided to extend the VCT Game Changers to Europe.

The VCT Game Changers is a circuit aimed at creating a healthy and inclusive competitive environment for women. The US edition was launched in March and has been quite successful. The mere holding of these tournaments has motivated various organisations to create or sponsor Valorant women's teams.

As you know, while online games tend to bring out the most toxic behaviours in players, it's more often the female players who suffer. It's not difficult to make the connection between these behaviours and the lack of female representation at the top of the ladder and in the game. This is why initiatives like the Game Changers are important.

If we want to inspire more women to pursue their esports dreams, we need to take direct action to make these games more accessible, and create a level playing field for them to enter in years to come.

Vera Wienken, Brand Manager Dach at Riot Games

The European version of the Game Changers 2021 will consist of two qualifying tournaments and a final tournament, all open to Europe, Turkey and CIS. The first tournament will host 64 teams for a cash prize of €20,000 and will be held from 27th September to 3rd October. The final tournament will be held from 15th to 21st November, for a cashprize of €50,000.

If you wish to register for the tournament, please visit the registration page.