The Opportunists becomes the DfuseTeam

Surprisingly this week, the Opportunists have found an organisation, or at least they have created one. The players of this very promising French roster become members of the DfuseTeam. Indeed, Dfuse and the Opportunists are joining forces and lauching themselves as an esports organisation in its own right.

If you follow Valorant esports in France, you may already know Dfuse. It was initially a casters' studio specialised in tactical FPS. They cover many competitions every week, including the Mandatory LockDown, our community tournaments. Dfuse is committed to highlighting French talents as well as the various competitions, even the most modest.

As for the Opportunists, this is a 100% French team and we've been able to appreciate its talents in French tournaments, as the Valorant Cup, or the qualifiers for the Valorant First Strike EU. Even though they fell before reaching the qualification for the final tournament, they still managed to make it into the top 16 teams in the Qualifier D.

Together, the DfuseTeam is aiming for nothing less than the European top and are already preparing for the Valorant Champions Tour, announced earlier this week. it's made up of:

  • Rodolphe 'rodeN' Bianco
  • Logan 'logaN' Corti
  • Jonathan 'TakaS' Paupard
  • Alex 'AKUMAAAAA' Lo Bello
  • Dylan 'hoppy' Aube

While many talented teams are struggling to find organisations capable of supporting them (this is particularly the case of the Orgless who formed yesterday), it's reassuring to see new blood appear. Valorant is still a young game where everything remains to be built and the motivation of structures like DfuseTeam is the foundation that should ensure the development of esports in this game.