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The nolpenki team splits up

Among the many successful teams, but without organisations to support them, nolpenki is one of the oldest in Europe. It has just announced its dissolution so that its players can professionalise.

While esports organisations in Europe have been slow to get started on Valorant, the arrival of the Valorant Champions Tour seems to have decided more than one. Vitality has already announced the creation of a team, as has Alliance. These are opportunities for strong players who have proven their worth more than once during the the Ignition Series and the European First Strike where they reached the quarter-finals.

This is especially the case as already established organisations are also effecting changes. The transfer window has already started in Europe, with G2 esports, FunPlus Phoenix and Ninjas in Pyjamas looking for new recruits. So this is the perfect timing for a separation.

Usually, these separations occur when one or two players have already been approached by structures. It would therefore not be so surprising to soon find cNed, Jesmund, Aron, Vakk or Zeek in a well established team. This is all we hope for them!