The NA Mercato in the last few days

The last few days have been hectic in the North American market, and with good reason: the VCT NA Phase 3 qualifiers started on 1st July and teams had to finalise their rosters. Let's take a look at the transfers made in the NA scene!

T1 parts ways with DaZeD and recruits Brax and dawn

The arrival of Brax at T1 is in fact a return to his first team. Indeed, he was the very first T1 player. He then moved to TSM as a 6th man and is now back in his home team. The recruitment of dawn is an internal transfer, the player coming straight from the T1 academic team. DaZeD has been dismissed.

XSET recruits Zekken

XSET has recruited Zekken, former at Noble. The team now has a 6-man roster and thwifo seems to be the 6th man, having not played during the qualifiers of the Phase 3 of the VCT Challengers 1.

Evil Geniuses recruits Pho, Branted and roca

Following disappointing results in the first two phases of the VCT, Evil Geniuses made 3 replacements in its team. Thus, aleksandar, Osias, and Clawdia are replaced by Pho, Brantedand roca.

TSM recruits bang

After the departure of brax for T1, TSM had to find a player to replace him and complete its roster. This is now done with the recruitment of bang, a player who has played for Phoenix1. He is a man capable of picking both a controller like Omen or duelists as Raze or Phoenix.

Envy rents Marved and benches Kaboose

A small change has taken place at Envy, one of the top NA teams. The organisation now rents Marved from FaZe Clan. This is a great addition, as the player won the Challengers 3 in Phase 1 and finished second in the first Masters. Kaboose is now on the bench.

FaZe Clan replaces Marved by BabyJ

Marved being rented to Envy, it was necessary to replace him within FaZe: BabyJ will. During the qualifiers of the first Challengers of Phase 2 and with the Team Rice and Meatballs, the Killjoy and Cypher player defeated T1 before losing to 100 Thieves.

Immortals recruits Truo

While Immortals completed its roster in early June with JonahP, it's now Truo who steps in in place of Kehmicals who becomes a substitute. According to Upcomer, the player would swap his role as a duelist for that of a sentinel. By joining Immortals, Truo will once again play with Rossy, his former teammate from Frick Ya Bag.

Luminosity Gaming recruits dazzLe and ban, TiGG arrives temporarily

At Luminosity Gaming, no less than 3 changes have been made. First of all, the team recruited ban and dazzLe. The first comes from Squirtle Squad and the second from Ghost Gaming. Secondly, TiGG is temporarily replacing moose, who has a wrist injury.

Huynh on trial at Ghost Gaming

Huynh has been without a team since Gen.G Esports parted ways with him a few weeks ago. Now, he's on trial at Ghost Gaming to replace TiGG now at Luminosity Gaming.

Drone on the bench of TSM

Following the qualifiers and the very disappointing results of TSM, the organisation decided to put drone on the bench, and announced that it was looking for the 5th player who will complete its roster for the next qualifiers.

As you can see, it has been busy few days on the NA scene! It remains to be seen whether these changes will pay off for the teams involved. On Mandatory, we will continue to keep you updated on the big transfers in the Valorant professional scene.