The Masters 2 will be international

At the announcement of the Valorant Champions Tour, Riot Games felt that it would be difficult to organise LAN events before the World Championship final. Finally, LAN competitions will stars as early as the Masters 2, with the first international tournament of Valorant !

The Masters 2 will be held from 24th to 30th May, in Island, in Reykjavik. The best teams of the Valorant Challengers 4, 5 and 6 will meet there for the first matches between regions.

This calls into question the overall format of the VCT as to the qualifications for the world championships. Riot Games should soon communicate regarding the allocation of points that teams can win in Masters 1 and 2, despite the fact that one competition is regional and the other international.

Le Masters 2 sera International
Distribution of the Valorant Masters 2

Despite the confusion, this announcement remains excellent news. The pandemic has put a damper on most of the projects and events of 2020 and we continue to suffer the effects in 2021. But the situation is evolving positively, at least on the Valorant side. A few weeks ago, Riot Games announced that the Masters 3, which should take place in September could be played in LAN. Finally, the LAN competitions will be able to start as early as the Masters 2, in May!

This is important for many, many reasons. The Masters 2 will be an opportunity to get a first impression on the balance of power in the world. We will finally know which region is the best! Confronting the play-styles of the different regions has a definite impact on the meta of each of them. In LAN, the sensations are different for players and spectators alike. Apart from the absence of ping (which makes the game a little more nervous), it's above all the fact that the pressure will be high and emotions will be increased tenfold. On the other hand, we can imagine that we will have to wait a little longer to see events welcoming spectators.

The Masters 2 will therefore be the first full-scale test of what Valorant gives, on-site and with the best teams in the world. We're already looking forward to it!