Masters 2 will be held in Copenhagen

While the Masters 1 Reykjavik recently ended, Riot Games has announced in a press release the venue for the second Masters of the year. The venue is Copenhagen, in Denmark.

Challengers 2 has just started around the world and teams will be competing for several weeks. As always, the goal will be to crown the strongest team from each region, and then send the best teams to the Masters based on the number of slots available for each league.

The first Masters of the year was held in Iceland, as were Masters 2 and the Champions in 2021. This time we are moving away from the island country to the Denmark. As Riot Games has just announced, it is there that the Masters 2, and more specifically to Copenhagen.

Masters 2 to be held in Copenhagen

The best teams from each region will meet there. They will try toaccumulate enough points in order to obtain a qualification for the Champions ! This event will be held from 10th to 24th July and we're already looking forward to it, aren't you?

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