The official watch parties of the Masters 1 Reykjavik

The Masters 1 Reykjavik will start in a few days, an opportunity for many of you to get together to watch the games. If you don't want to follow the competition on the official Valorant Twitch channels, you can do so elsewhere.

This Thursday 7th April, the official Twitter account of the Valorant Champions Tour published the list of the structures and streamers who will be able to broadcast matches of the Masters to watch and comment on them with their community.

On the teams side, there are G2 Esports, KRÜ Esports, LOUD, Paper Rex, The Guard and Xerxia Esports, there is plenty to support your favourite players. As for the streamers, the list is much longer. There are some big names in the business, such as TenZ, Tarik or even AverageJonas.

In total, there are more than 90 Twitch channels available in a multitude of languages. So you'll have plenty to do to find what you want.

If you still prefer to follow the event on the official channels and have the casters' comments, go here from 10th April :

Official stream (EN) - Official stream (FR)

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