Masters 1 Reykjavik finals

The Masters 1 Reykjavik is coming to an end and the biggest matches of the event are about to take place. From Friday 22nd April until Sunday 24th April, get ready to enjoy the finals.

For several days, the best teams from each region competed against each other and were gradually eliminated. Now only four teams are left in the competition and they are LOUD (Brazil), OpTic Gaming (NA), ZETA DIVISION (Japan) and Paper Rex (APAC).

The EMEA region saw its last hopes of victory disappear after G2 Esports lost to Paper Rex in the lower bracket.

Programme of the Masters 1 finals

Over the next few days, these last four teams will compete to see which of them will emerge victorious from this first international event of the year.

Matches to watch

This leaves four matches to go, three of which are before Sunday's Grand Final.

Upper Bracket Final
Friday 22nd April at 7pm
LOUDVSOpTic Gaming
Lower Bracket semi-final
Friday 22nd April at 10pm
Lower Bracket Final
Saturday 23rd April at 7pm
Grand Final
Sunday 24th April at 7pm
LOUDVSOpTic Gaming

Where to watch these matches?

To make sure you don't miss any of the latest Masters 1 Reykjavik matches, you can visit the following Twitch channels:

Official stream (EN) - Official stream (FR)

Many streamers as well as several teams also organize viewing parties on their Twitch channel. Feel free to visit them if you want to watch the games with other members of the Valorant community.

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