The Giants recruits Meddo and Orgless

The Vodafone Giants are getting a makeover. The organisation has decided to change all its players and to start with a whole new team. So the Giants announced this weekend that they were signing Meddo and the Orgless.

The Spanish Vodafone GIANTS team struggled to convince throughout the Ignition Series. It must be said that the ambitions of the organisation were resolutely turned towards national performances, rather than international ones. The organisation made it a point of honour to include only players from Spain. These objections have changed with the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour, as the official press release demonstrates.

Since the launch of Valorant we have dominated the scene among Spanish teams. We think it is time to take a leap in quality that will consolidate us as an international contender. Historically, they have shown they know how to win and after just exchanging a few words with them, I see that we are on the same page, wanting to achieve great achievements. Vodafone Giants will be your home to reach the top.

David “LozaRk” Alonso, Head of Gaming Operations at Vodafone Giants

That's why GIANTS decided to recruit the Orgless: Happy, Boo, Hoody and Pipson. These players who made up the Prodigy team in the First Strike performed excellently, failing to qualify for the final tournament. From this training, we naturally remember Happy, who has won many Counter-Strike majors throughout his career.

Les Orgless ne comptaient en revanche que quatre joueurs, depuis le départ de Delezyh en fin d’année 2020. La dernière place dans l’équipe est reprise par Meddo, l’ancien joueur des FunPlus Phoenix, remercié suite à la défait de l’équipe au First Strike. Les Phoenix voulaient changer leur style de jeu, et cela passait par le changement d’un de ses joueurs.

Some rumours of Meddo's arrival at Giants were already running at the end of December. At that oint, it was rumoured that Davidp, ex-G2 Esports, would join the team as well. Obviously, none of this is true.