The team F4Q leaves the competitive scene

Recently, the Korean team F4Q announced its disband following its elimination from the LCQ APAC. F4Q had joined the Valorant scene about a year ago. Over the course of the Valorant Champions Tour, this team, without an organisation and made up of Valorant streamers, has risen to become one of the best on the Korean circuit.

F4Q players say goodbye to the LCQ – Official Twitter photo

During the First Strike in Korea, F4Q finished in 5th place after losing in the quarter-finals to Vision Striker. This defeat marked the beginning of a long rivalry between the two teams. Vision Striker was already the leading Korean team at the time, undefeated in 64 matches in competition (including three ties), for a total of 104 consecutive matches without defeat. In Phase 2 of the VCT, the two rosters faced each other again in the Challengers, and F4Q ended this winning streak, winning the match 2-1.

This victory against the Korean behemoth is not the only achievement of F4Q. During Phase 3, the team had secured its place in the Grand Final, by eliminating Damwon Gaming, one of the best teams in Korea. Once again, the players lost to Vision Strikers.

However, by reaching the Final, F4Q had qualified for the Berlin Masters. In this first international LAN, the F4Q players had entered a particularly complicated group, consisting of two large organisations: G2 and Sentinels. The competition was tough and the team was eliminated in group stage.

Thanks to their performances throughout the VCT, F4Q had won a slot for the LCQ APAC, by finishing 3rd in the Korean circuit. Sent down to the lower bracket after their first match against NORTHEPTION, the players bounced back to eliminate Fennel and Global Esports. Unfortunately, the next match, against Nuturn Gaming, was their last. Despite a tight score, F4Q lost 1-2 and is out of the Valorant Champions for good.

With the end of the VCT adventure, the team members have decided to return to their original life and status as streamers, a wish communicated via the official Twitter.

At the end of the competition, the F4Q members will return to their respective positions. We thank our leader fiveK, who has endured and carried a lot, as well as the members of our team for the work and effort, and the coach, who has allowed the team to grow in a very short time. This competition, in which we participated for two months, has given us valuable experience. Thank you for continuing to support us, and stay tuned for the future of F4Q!

F4Q - Twitter

Nevertheless, some players have not given up on the Valorant competitive scene, such as Esperanza, who has already announced that he will return with even better performances than before.