The Dfuse Team stops after the Valorant Masters

While we were already imagining a bright future for the French organisation, it would seem that the dream has already had an expiry date. Indeed, the Dfuse Team has already announced that it will withdraw after the Valorant Masters.

The Dfuse Team created a sensation this weekend by beating G2 Esports. Their victory against the former European tenors qualified them for a high-profile tournament, where many of the big esports organisations have failed.

The official statement speaks of " some important administrative issues, and [...] strategic mistakes". As a result, players are now free to seek new contracts and Dfuse will no longer have a Valorant team under its leadership.

This is already the end of a good run for the former Opportunists who found an organisation at the end of November. This announcement is almost reminiscent of the setbacks of BearClaw Gaming, in Korea.

In any case, the Dfuse Team will make its last stand at the Valorant Masters, on Friday. At the end of March, the players will officially be without an organisation. It remains to be seen whether they will continue to play together or whether their recent successes will make some of the big organisations want to get out the chequebook.