The dates of Phase 2 of the VCT 2022

The Reykjavik Masters was completed a week ago with the victory of OpTic Gaming and it is now time to look at the second split of the season. This one brings with it new Challengers who will be the last ones of 2022. Indeed, let's remember that this year the VCT has only two Challengers and two Masters. Let's take a look at the dates for phase 2 of the 2022 VCT.

Dates to remember for Phase 2 of the VCT 2022

This time the formats are a bit different from phase 1. In some regions, the teams will have to undergo another round of qualifiers to hope to secure their place in the main event of the Challengers. This is for example the case ofNorth America or Korea. However, other regions are keeping the teams that were already present in split 1.

In the regions EMEA, almost all the teams retained their places with the exception of SuperMassive Blaze who gave up theirs to FOKUS at the end of the VCT Promotion. There will be no further qualification and the main event will start directly.

For this second split, it is the APAC region that opens the ball. Most of its leagues start their Challengers on 12 May, with the exception of Oceania which saw its Challengers start on 29 April. They will be closely followed by North America and the EMEA the 13th Mayand then Brazil on 14th May. Korea and Japan will start later in the season, on 21st May and 16th June respectively. As for South America and the LATAM region, the dates are still unknown.

In summary:


  • Main Event Challengers: 13th May

North America :

  • Challengers Open Qualifier 1: 28th April
  • Challengers Open Qualifier 2: 5th May
  • Main Event Challengers: 13th May

Korea :

  • Challengers Open Qualifier: TBD
  • Challengers Closed Qualifier: TBD
  • Main Event Challengers: 21st May

Brasil :

  • Main Event Challengers: 14th May


  • Main Event Challengers: 12th May


  • Main Event Challengers: TBD

South America:

  • Main Event Challengers: TBD


  • Main Event Challengers: 16th June

And after the Challengers?

Once the Challengers are over, the best teams from each region will compete again in a Masters, the second of the season. According to the schedule provided by Riot Games earlier this year, it should be held in July but no date has been given yet. We also have no information on where it will be held.

VCT 2022 Calendar
VCT 2022 Calendar

At the end of the Masters, teams that do not have enough points to participate in the Valorant Champions will have a last chance to qualify in August by participating in the Last Chance Qualifier of their respective regions. Once the tournament is over, the Champions will be held in September and will once again see the sixteen best teams in the world compete.

We hope to see Acend, the current world champions, putting their title back on the line and why not renew it!

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