The dates of Phase 1 of the VCT 2022

The Valorant Champions Tour 2022 starts very early this year! The format has changed and the different teams have to fight for fewer, but more profitable places. Let's take a look at the dates for Phase 1 of the 2022 VCT!

Unlike the previous year, when the calendar of the Valorant Champions Tour consisted of nine Challengers and three Masters, the 2022 has only two Challengers and two Masters. As far as the Challengers are concerned, the dates for Phase 1 have been gradually revealed since the end of the 2021 Champions.

Important dates for Phase 1 of the VCT 2022

The Qualifiers began in January, but the various main events will take place during February. This year, Oceania gets the ball rolling, starting its Challengers on 28th January 2022. The other regions all start a little later, with Latin America on 10th February, and North America on 11th February. Europe, Russia and Turkey will also start on 11th February, just like year. Finally, Brazil will launch on 12th February. For Korea and Japan, no date has yet been announced, but it's known that the Korean launch will also take place in February.

In summary:


  • Challengers Closed Qualifier 1: 10th January 2022
  • Challengers Open Qualifier 1: 14th January 2022
  • Challengers Closed Qualifier 2: 17th January 2022
  • Challengers Open Qualifier 2: 20th January 2022
  • Challengers Main Event: 11th February 2022


  • Challengers Open Qualifier: 12th January 2022
  • Challengers Closed Qualifier: 16th January 2022
  • Challengers Main Event: 12th February 2022


  • Challengers Open Qualifier: 27th January 2022
  • Challengers Main Event: 11th February 2022


  • Challengers Week 1: 26th February 2022
  • Challengers Week 2: 12th March 2022
  • Challengers Main Event: 24th March 2022


  • Challengers Open Qualifier: 4 February 2022
  • Challengers Closed Qualifier: 5 February 2022
  • Challengers Maint Event: 23 February 2022

What's next?

As for the Masters, they will take place in April and July respectively but no date has yet been set. In 2021, the first edition had to be played online because of the current pandemic that is affecting the whole world. For this year, it's hoped that both international competitions can be played in LAN.

Finally, the Valorant Champions will take place in September and will once again see the sixteen best teams in the world compete for the ultimate title to succeed Acend.

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VCT 2022 Calendar

According to Whalen Rozelle, Head of Esports Operations at Riot Games, this year's goal is to create even more memorable events for fans, while allowing players to be showcased and valued. The European regional leagues will help discover new talent that will hopefully shine in the Phase 2 Challengers.

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