TenZ returns to the competition at Sentinels

This is a development that we didn't anticipate at all. Prior to the launch of Valorant Masters NA, Sentinels announced the recruitment of TenZ to replace Sinatraa.

For the past few days, Sinatraa has been facing serious allegations of sexual assault. Riot Games decided to suspend the player pending the results of his investigation. But with only four player allowed to play, Sentinels' chances at the Valorant Masters seemed in jeopardy. The official rules of the Valorant Champions Tour prohibit a player from having contracts with multiple teams, which greatly reduced the chances of finding a replacement in time.

Surprise, Sentinels finally got one player to break his contract with his organisation, and not just any player. TenZ was an ultra-popular player of team Cloud9. He's considered one of the best players in the world, especially for his outstanding reflexes. But TenZ made the decision to end to his career as professional player to become a full-time streamer. A contested choice by some players in the scene.

To see TenZ back in the competition so early, and under such conditions, is absolutely unexpected. If Sinatraa is a FPS virtuoso, Sentinels may finally come out better off. That said, the Valorant Masters may still be a tough one for the team that was one of the favourites. As talented as TenZ is, the players will lack training together.

The baptism of fire is tonight, as Sentinels will encounter Luminosity Gaming at 9pm.