TenZ renews his contract with Sentinels

The situation of TenZ with Sentinels has finally been clarified. The team has renewed the player's lease, until the end of the Challengers NA in Phase 2.

A future that was uncertain

It looked like TenZ would no longer be playing for Sentinels. Even TenZ himself was not sure about the team's intentions until a few days ago. In one of his streams, he said that Sentinels was not really interested in short-term solutions such as a rental and was considering buying the player, purely and solely.

According to The Esports Writer, Cloud9 would be more than willing to sell the player so Sentinels. It would be Sentinels that is not yet ready to close the deal. The organisation is waiting for the results of the investigations on Sinatraa to determine whether or not they should invest a fifth player. Therefore, TenZ's lease could be renewed for the Valorant Masters in May, if the team manages to get past the Challengers.

A takeover, yes, but at what price?

Even more difficult to determine is the price of such a takeover. How much does TenZ, probably one of the best players on the American scene, cost? According to The Esports Writer, rumours suggest that a takeover would cost between 2 and 5 million dollars. These figures are amusing to Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne, who says that no agreement has been reached on the subject.

In any case, the next performances of TenZ and the Sentinels will certainly make the price of the young player fluctuate. Will he be bought out by the Sentinels? Will he stay with Cloud9? Or will he refocus on his streamer career? We'll have to wait and see.