TenZ may no longer play for Sentinels

It was the big surprise last month, TenZ left Cloud9 to join Sentinels. This transfer has obviously reached its expiration date, as TenZ will not be playing the next VCT Challengers with Sentinels

In one of his streams, TenZ has mentioned that he had not really left Cloud9. His contract was in fact leased by Sentinels, for a indefinite period of time. During this lease, TenZ represented Sentinels 100%, whether in competition or on his social networks and streams. At the time, the Canadian prodigy didn't really know for how long he would play for another organisation. But in the last few days, it seems that Sentinels could only afford TenZ's talents for a month.

If all this is confirmed, TenZ will no longer be linked to Sentinels as of 12th April. Sentinels has not yet registered for the next American Challengers, which will take place from 15th to 18th April. It's therefore not yet possible to see the composition of the team. But whatever happens, TenZ already has other plans as he will be participating in a Twitch Rivals on League of Legends on similar dates. It's hard to imagine TenZ participating in both tournaments at the same time, or simply dodging the training sessions with Sentinels.

The question is: who can replace TenZ?

As a reminder, TenZ has temporarily left Cloud9 following the dismissal of Sinatraa, Sentinels' star player. The latter was suspended by Riot Games following serious accusations of sexual assault. Sentinels had to replace him at short notice just days before the Valorant Masters NA. Against all odds, the team had finally won the tournament, largely thanks to TenZ's performance. This success was not repeated in Phase 2 of the VCT, as Sentinels lost in the qualifiers to Built by Gamers.