Teams qualified for the Valorant French Cup

The French Cup will begin on 27th October and we now know the names of the sixteen teams who will compete against each other for several weeks. They will try to reach the final stages which will take place in Montpellier on 10th and 11th December, in order to win the €20,000 cashprize at stake.

Qualified teams

Mandatory, Karmine Corp, beGenius, CGN Esports

Qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant vrl france team mandatory -
Mandatory (VRL France)
Qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant vrl france kcorp -
Karmine Corp (VRL France)
The qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant vrl france team begenius -
beGenius (VRL France)
CGN - Logo
CGN Esports (VRL Dach)

Mandatory : This year, our team participated in the two Splits of the VRL France: Revolution. After some adjustments to the first one, Mandatory revealed its full potential during the next Split. With 12 wins in 18 games, our players easily reached the playoffs, and even made it to the semi-finals. For its first competition, our new roster is more than determined. TheBigFiz, Babax, Akumaaaaa, HyP and Goaster are hoping to win the title of French Champions!

Karmine Corp : Karmine Corp has made its entry on Valorant for Split 2 of the VRL France. The team quickly made a name for itself with a series of very good performances. The team finally obtained the top 3-4 alongside Mandatory. In 2023, the Karmine Corp will move to the next level by joining the new EMEA League. Before that, the team will give their all to win the French Cup.

beGenius : At the first VRL France Split, beGenius achieved good results, finishing in 3-4th position. During the following Split, they reached the playoffs again, but finished in 5th-6th place this time. Knowing that our new player, TheBigFiz, is an ex-beGenius, the matches are going to be electric!

CGN Esports: The CGN Esports come straight from the German League. This team launched on Valorant in 2021 with the LVP Gaming tournaments. Subsequently, it has won the second place in the Razer Invitational Europe. In the VRL DACH, got the 6th place in Split 1, then the 7th place in Split 2.

Sector One, Heet, Zerance, Valorians

The qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant vrl france team sector one -
Sector One (VRL France)
The teams qualified for the Valorant French Cup - team heet logo -
HEET (VRL Polaris)
The teams qualified for the Valorant French Cup - team zerance logo -
Zerance (Open Tour France - Up&Down VRL France)
The teams qualified for the French Cup of Valorant - mandatory esports team logo valorians -
Valorians (Open Tour France - Up&Down VRL France)

Sector One : The Belgian structure made its entry on Valorant with the Megastitut roster. Under the colours of Sector One, the new team won at the first VRL France Split. In the second split, Sector One finished eighth.

HEET : HEET is a representative of the Polaris VRL, a league in which it participated in the second split. The team got its place after winning the Open Qualifier at the end of April and the Promotional Tournament at the beginning of May. In the end, players finished in the top 6, with three wins and four losses.

Zerance : Zerance is from the Valorant Open Tour France 2022. It qualified at the VALOTF final tournament, finishing third overall. The team won their matches against Oserv Esport and CBT Prime, before falling to Atletec. After another defeat against only Top players in the final of the lower bracket, they still finished third.

Valorians : More commonly known as Atletec, this team participated in the Valorant Open Tour France 2022. By finishing in the TOP8, the Valorians qualified for the last phase of the competition, even reaching the final. Their good performance allowed them to reach the promotional tournament for the VRL. Here again, the players proved to be efficient: they managed to in the final after a superb run in the lower bracket.

Emojipouce, Bonk, Bref, Klanik Esport

Qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant logo emoji thumb -
Emojipouce (ex BDS)
Teams qualified for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant logo bonk -
Qualified teams for the French Cup of Valorant - valorant vrl france team no logo -
Brief (France)
Klanik logo
Klanik (Open Tour France)

EMOJIPOUCE : It is a team made up of the former roster of Team BDS, which participated in the VRL France. At the first Split they obtained a very good top 2. The next split was not so rosy. This time the team finished in 5-6th place. kAdavra, bramz, rodeN, logaN and MARCTYLINHO are determined to win this French Cup.

Bonk : Bonk is a Swedish team that has been inactive since 2020. At that time, it has achieved numerous top 2, at the Absolute Masters, the Cup and the LVL Clash 2. In October 2020, the players were signed Guild Esports. Today, the Team is back in action with bonkar, DESTRUCT1VEE and juseu notably.

BREF : BREF is also back from a long break. This mix of very good players is composed of Fatiiiih, Dawn, M4CHINA, KONEQT and l0udly. Accustomed to the high level, and free of any expectations, these players could well create the surprise in this French Cup.

Klanik : This French team qualified for the French Cup thanks to the final stage of the Valorant Open Tour France 2022. In the final, they won 2-0 against Hakuba Esports. These young players are determined and will no doubt be looking to defeat the bigger teams.

Hakuba Esports, Amazing, Dragonslayerzzz, Vctry

Hakuba Logo
Hakuba (Open Tour France)
Amazing logo
Amazing (Open Tour France)
Dragonslayerzzz logo
Dragonslayerzzz (Trinity Trials)
Vctry logo
Vctry (Trinity Trials)

Hakuba : Team Hakuba has also earned its place in the French Cup via the VALOTF, they finished in the TOP3 of stage 7. In two other stages of the tournament, they finished in the 5/8th position. This team is more than motivated to shine on the French national scene and will give everything they have to be among the best teams in France.

Amazing : Amazing is the third team to qualify through the last tournament of theOpen Tour France. During this stage, they finished in third place. This is a good team, which has achieved interesting results in several stages of the VALOTF. In stage 1, they placed 4th. In the next stage, it ends up in the TOP5/8, and then finally returned to the 4th place at stage 6.

Dragonslayerzzz : Dragonslayerzzz is one of two teams from the Benelux. In this circuit, it is better known as Sudowoodoo's. During the autumn tournament of the Trinity trials, the players made their mark by reaching the Grand Final. Despite the loss against S1 Wings Program, they still won the second place.

Vctry Vctry : Like the Dragonslayerzzz, Vctry has qualified for the French Cup via the Benelux circuit. This mix of players comes from various teams. They have all competed at a good level and are ready to show their talent to win the competition.

To follow the whole competition, go to the Twitch channel of the French League. To follow the matches of Mandatory, we invite you to visit ZeratoR's Twitch channel.