Team Vikings splits its roster

Team Vikings, one of the Brazilian teams seen at the Champions a few weeks ago, recently announced that it was parting with all of its players, as well as its coach and manager.

Shortly after the team was eliminated from the Valorant Champions, after failing to get past the group stage, all the players announced the expiration of their contracts. A surprising fact when you consider that they dominated the Brazilian league all year long, winning several Challengers, as well as the Masters 1 Brazil.

The roster even qualified for the Reykjavik Masters, where he made a top 5-6. It came close to also participating in the Berlin Masters, but was eliminated by Keyd Stars during play-offs of Phase 3. Without this elimination, the team could have been one of the few to have participate in all the international events of the year, like Crazy Raccoon, KRÜ Esports and Sentinels.

enz has already found a team, as he will play for Shark Esports next season, as the organisation announced on Twitter. As for the others, we don't know much more at the moment, but there are rumours that Sacy and saadhak could both be recruited by the organisation LOUD.

We will probably know more in the next few days, but until then, we will have to wait and see where these players will go and who will replace them in Team Vikings!