Team Secret qualified for the Valorant Champions 2021

While 8 teams are still battling at the Berlin Masters in the hope of qualifying for the World Championships, others have already secured their entry ticket. This is for example the case of Team Secret, which has just started on Valorant.

Yesterday, we told you about the setbacks of the Bren Esports team which was unable to participate in the event due to visa problems. The Filipino players finally left the organisation before being recruited by Team Secret, an European organisation. If there was any doubt as to the future of their VCT points, Riot Games put an end to the suspense in an announcement : Team Secret retains their VCT points from the Southeast Asian circuit. Even better, the team has already qualified for the Valorant Champions.

In Valorant, it's the players, not the organisations, that hold the points. By recruiting the players from Bren Esports, Team Secret has given itself a single ticket to the most prestigious competition of Valorant.

If their presence is assured (unless there are new visa problems), the team will play with a major handicap. They will have no real international experience, unlike the teams that qualified through the Masters.

The other teams already qualified

In addition to Team Secret, eight other teams already qualified for the World Championships. Sentinels secured its place by winning the Valorant Masters 2 in Reykjavik. The other teams have amassed so many VCT points during the season that it is impossible for them to be caught up. These include KRÜ Esports, Team Viking, Keyd Stars, Gambit Esports, Vision Strikers, Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports and Team Secret.

That said, there are still three months to go before the World Championship. Any of these organisations could be the victim of a departure of its players, just like Bren Esports. We can therefore imagine that some teams will be highly coveted and some contracts renegotiated.