Team Liquid wins the Red Bull Home Ground #2

The second edition of the Red Bull Home Ground has just ended with a victory of Team Liquid ! The team won against Acend on a score of 3-1.

The event started with a group phase on 4th November, during which sixteen teams competed in BO1. The top eight teams qualified for the play-offs. 

The G2 Esports, who won the previous edition against Team Liquid, finished last in their group and failed to qualify for the rest of the competition. 

A hotly contested final

Team Liquid made it to the final by beating Fnatic in the quarter-finals and then Tenstar in the semi-finals, 2-0. Acend, meanwhile, defeated Gambit Esports and then Giants Gaming, also 2-0.

In the final, the two teams first faced each other on Split, which was won by Team Liquid 15-13. Hostilities then continued on Bind, where Acend took a large lead, 10-4. This map seemed to be a foregone conclusion, but Liquid did not give up and regained the upper hand over their opponents. In the end, it was Acend who sealed the match on a score of 17-15.

The third round took place on Ascent, map on which ScreaM had a decisive impact on his Reyna in the last rounds. This allowed him to give his teammates another victory, after the two teams had been neck and neck until then.

The last map of the competition was Breeze. The match was very close until the end, but Liquid came out on top with an almost perfect game. 

Acend takes the second place in this tournament, but still comes home with a MVP title for cNed !

Team Liquid players took their revenge on the last edition of the Red Bull Home Ground and won the €20,000 cash prize.