Team Liquid wins the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA

This Sunday 14th August, we saw the final of the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA, opposing M3 Champions at Team Liquid. Both teams fought for the final place in the EMEA region for the Valorant Champions which will take place in September. After a tough battle, Team Liquid won and will join Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix in Istanbul in a few weeks.

Team Liquid's revenge

This was not the first meeting between Team Liquid and M3 Champions in this Last Chance Qualifier. The two teams had already faced each other in the Upper Bracket Final, a match that ended in a victory for the Russian organisation, 2-1. Following this defeat, Team Liquid moved to the Lower Bracket, where they defeated G2 Esports in the final. The team therefore qualified for the Grand Final, which once again pitted them against M3 Champions.

Hostilities began on Bind and it was Team Liquid who opened the scoring on a triple kill from dimasicka, quickly tooking a 3-1 lead. However, the M3 players quickly fought back to level the score. Despite the close rounds, repeated assaults by Chronicle and Jady allowed the Russian team to keep the lead, leading 7-5 at half-time.

After the changeover, Liquid again won the first two rounds. However, the team's momentum then waned and they gave their opponents the opportunity to extend their lead. After a series of victorious rounds thanks to sheydos and Redgar, M3 Champions naturally won this first map with a score of 13-8.

For the second game, Liquid chose to take on the M3 players on Icebox. The latter won the first two rounds before losing five rounds in a row. Although they managed to secure three more rounds, they were down 5-7 at the end of the first phase of play.

Following the half-time break, the Russian players managed to come back to the score thanks to a triple kill by Chronicle. Team Liquid then responded with a quadra kill of ScreaMThey won three more rounds. However, the M3s were determined to win this second map and gave their opponents a hard time, bringing the score to 11-11. If many thought that extra time could be played, it was not. The Liquids put everyone in agreement by winning the last two rounds, thanks to great performances from ScreaM and Jamppi who were able to handle the pressure perfectly.

Once launched, it seemed difficult to stop Liquid, who started very strongly on Ascent by securing the first four rounds. They gave the M3 Champions little respite, as they were unable to break through their opponents' defences. Leading 8-4 at the change of roles, the Liquid continued to put rhythm into their game to destabilise the opposing players and thus win round after round. ScreaM once again stood out, offering viewers a quality game on his Phoenix, and allowing his team to win easily with a score of 13-6 for this third map.

In the end, it all came down to Breeze. Before the start of this final game, M3 Champions decided to go for broke and replace Jady with purp0. At first the score remained very close as both teams alternated winning rounds, until the Russian team managed to get ahead and lead 5-2. Not having said their last word, the Liquid players quickly fought back and secured the next five rounds to regain the lead and close the first phase of play 7-5 in their favour.

The second phase of play was fast-paced, with the Liquid conceding only three rounds to their opponents. Led by ScreaM and Jamppi, they made sure that the Grand Final was over quickly and finally got their revenge by sealing the score 13-8 and winning this Last Chance Qualifier.

Following this victory, Team Liquid therefore officially becomes the seed 3 in the EMEA region for the Valorant Champions and thus joins Fnatic (seed 1) and FunPlus Phoenix (seed 2), who had already qualified thanks to their results throughout the season.

The three teams will be back in Istanbul from 2nd September. To follow their matches, go to the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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