Team Liquid sidelines Ec1s

Only one Valorant Challengers remain before the Valorant Masters. For the teams that have not yet qualified, this is their last chance to make changes. Team Liquid has understood that and removed Ec1s from their active roster.

TeamLiquid had made it to the finals of the first week of the Valorant Challengers EU. They lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the last qualifying match of Week 2. This second week went even worse, the team losing to Alliance before the final stage.

Clearly not satisfied with the team's results, Team Liquid makes a change by removing the active place from Ec1s. It's a definite risk-taking, but Team Liquid is trying its best to get a qualification. Ec1s was the captain of team Fish123 before it joined Team Liquid. We have to admit that the player's performances have not been exceptional lately. However, his teammates, notably ScreaM have improved in their roles.

Officially, no replacements have been announced at this time. However, it's rumoured that Jamppi would temporarily join the team. Jamppi is a former CS:GO professional who has been banned from tournaments on the Valve FPS since he was VAC banned.

Team Liquid has a little less than a week to formalise the replacement of Ec1s and train. If they don't succeed in winning the Challengers 3, they will have to give up the idea of playing in the Valorant Masters 1. As the Valorant Masters 1 allows them to gain points for a qualification for World Championships, it would be a very serious delay in the race for the title of Champions.