Team Heretics parts ways with nukkye, AvovA and pAura

As expected, the end of the Masters 2 marks the start of a new transfer window in preparation for Phase 3 of the VCT. We already witnessed the separation of Entropiq, but it's a team of a completely different calibre that is losing its players today. Team Heretics parts ways with nukkye, AvovA and pAura.

Heretics has been on the European throne for a while. By winning the Valorant First Strike, they broke the winning streak of G2 Esports that they had maintained throughout the Ignition Series. The team did well in Phase 1 of the VCT, coming second in the Masters EU, but has since had some setbacks.

It's difficult to know who is behind these departures. Heretics was the first 6-player team of Valorant, but niesoW withdrew for a while due to personal problems. Officially, he and Rubino are not regulars in Heretics. With the departures of nukkye, AvovA and pAura, the only one left is Lowel.

PAura was actually the first to leave at the end of May, joining Blaze Esports. Nukkye and AvovA have joined their former rivals, G2 Esports. So these Valorant talents are not lost on everyone.

We imagine that Team Heretics will soon announce its plans for the future. The organisation should not put an end to its ambition on Valorant for all that. Indeed, the official Twitter account implies that there is a new generation team in the offing.