Team Envy recruits yay and benches mummAy

The Team Envy announced yesterday the recruitment of yay, formerly with Andbox, as well as the bench of mummAy. Yay was previously with Andbox, so this is its third departure in a short time.

While playing for Andbox, Jaccob " yay " Whiteaker managed to qualify for the VCT Phase 2 Challengers Finals but did not qualify for any Phase 3 Challengers and did not win any major tournaments. Now, he joins a higher ranked team, often considered one of the top 5 teams in North America.

The organisation has made a positional replacement, yay being a Jett player like Anthony " mummAy " DiPaolo. As of today, DiPaolo will be on the team's bench. MummAy was the last player in the original Team Envy roster, back when the organisation signed the together we are terrific'.

Yay will be officiating at the Playoffs des Challengers NA with a first match against TSM. He will be fighting alongside Team Envy for a place at the Masters 3 in Berlin in September. Let's hope for the team that this change will help them get to the podium they have been struggling to reach.