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Team Empire gets into Valorant

With the launch of the Valorant First Strike next month, esports organisations that haven't yet get into Valorant are waking up! Among them, there is Team Empire, an Eastern European esports heavyweight.

Team Empire is one of the oldest esports organisations. It's a Russian organisation that was founded in 2004 which has, today, successful teams in many games, including DOTA 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. It's renowned for its excellent results; seeing it launch a Valorant team is therefore not to be taken lightly.

Contrary to what we have seen with other teams, Team Empire didn't seek to transfer their talents from one game to another. The players are all new to the organisation. They have a variety of backgrounds, ranging from CS:GO veteran to PUBG pro.

As good as the organisation's reputation is, its new players still have to prove their worth. They have yet to stand out on the Valorant scene. They therefore have one month left to prepare for First Strike.

Note that Team Empire will not participate in the European First Strike circuit. Despite being a Russian organisation made up of Russian players, the team is targeting the CIS circuit (Commonwealth of Independent States). So we won't see them face off giants like G2 Esports until international tournaments are held.

The Valorant Team Empire team:

  • Denis "m0z" Kanukov
  • Vadim "Tian" Filkin
  • Artem "DieZzz" Lipatov
  • Semyon "Purp0" Borchev
  • Andrew "BRAVEAFb0Y" Gorchakov