Team BDS wins the Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France

They did it! After a disappointing performance at the Spring Tournament, the Team BDS took their revenge and lived up to the occasion by winning the Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France.

Team BDS, which players are rodeN, logaN, hoppY, TakaS and AKUMAAAAA, did not lose a single match in the entire tournament. They defeated Megastitut twice, in the Winner Final and the Grand Final. These two very special BO5s allow the organisation to qualify for the French Championship, at the end of 2021.

Team BDS has been wreaking havoc on the European Valorant scene for several months now. They were the Opportunists before joining the Dfuse Team, then Team BDS. Since then, they have been one of the teams to be reckoned on in the VCT. That's why they were expected to be a major player on the French competitive circuit. However, Team BDS will not have much time to savour their victory, as they have qualified for the rest of the Phase 3 Valorant Challengers during the week.

Mega Institute did not disappoint in the final game at all, managing to take the first map. Unfortunately, one of the players had personal problems and had to be replaced at short notice by Davidp. Even though the Belgian player was a solid backup, Team BDS was far too strong this weekend to be defeated.

This may have been the last tournament played by this team. Despite excellent results at the Valorant Open Tour France, the players are struggling to find organisations willing to recruit the entire team. On his Twitter account, iDex, Mégastitut's captain, made a final appeal to organisations looking for a team just before the final.

Results of the Summer Tournament

1st. Team BDS
2nd. Mega Institute
3rd. MTP esport
4th. Alliance

There were 3 places for the French Championships at stake during this Summer Tournament. Team BDS and MTP esport are already qualified for the final stage of the French circuit. Mégastitut having already won theirs at the Spring Tournament, it's Alliance, which came 4th in this tournament, that takes advantage of this and gets the invitation.

It should be noted that the French scene of Valorant is in full movement. If the Mégastitut players split up, they would their place. The Entropiq and the players of EXCEL are also in a precarious situation. However, the players still have 6 months to find a solution, before the arbitration has to make a decision about the qualifications.

The continuation of the Valorant Open Tour France

The French circuit takes a summer break! The Valorant Open Tour will resume in October with the Fall Tournament, also called the Last Chance. This will be the very last tournament for teams hoping to qualify for the French Championship. It will be open to a much larger number of teams. The best of them will get as many places as available for the final event. The French Championship will take place in December!

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