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T1 recruits the Korean team RESET

Two months ago, when Valorant launched, T1 didn't hide its desire to set up two teams. The American team was announced straight after, led by Brax. Today, T1 announces that it has found its Korean team: RESET.

Unlike the American team which was put together according to brax and organisational choices, T1 recruited a team already established in Korea. These are the players of the RESET team who now represent the colours of T1.

Even if RESET is a very good team, they have never reached the final of a tournament. The team usually get knocked out before they can cross swords with Vision Strikers, the dominant team on the Korean scene.

The new T1s will have to do the organisation honour. Remember that its ambition is to find the new Faker : a player so strong that their name inspires respect all around the world. For the moment, the bet has not been won in the United States. If T1 remains a very strong team, TSM and Sentinels are dominating the North American scene.

Remains to be seen what the talent of the RESET players can deliver with T1 expertise in managing esports teams in Korea. As we are writing, they're playing their first match in the Clan Masters final bracket... and it's not going very well.

The players of the T1 Korea:

  • Jeong "Esperanza" JinChoel (정진철)
  • Choi "10X" JinWoo (최진우)
  • Kim "Sunday" MinSoo (김민수)
  • Kim "ROK3T" JuYeong (김준영)
  • "FrosteN"