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T1 puts an end to its Korean team

We expected, after Cloud9 made a similar announcement, but T1 in turn part ways with its Korean team.

Several players on the team had already announced that they were looking for a new organisation at the end of the First Strike. It's now official, T1 has decided to end its ambitions for Valorant in Korea.

Although we don't yet have confirmation, there is a good chance that this decision is motivated by the rules of the Valorant Champions Tour. It it is comparable to that of the competitive League of Legends circuit, Riot Games probably prohibits organisations from having multiple teams.

It's not particularly surprising that Cloud9 preferred to end its Korean team. On the other hand, T1 being a Korean organisation, we could have seen the organisation close its American team. We imagine that T1 felt that the exposure (and the potential income) was more interesting on the new continent.

As a reminded, T1 had launched two different teams with the objective of dominating the two competitive stages and revealing the new Faker of Valorant. They've recruited RESET's players to form their line-up.

The disappearance of Cloud9 and T1 will leave a void for a while on the Korean scene. Ten talented players are on the sidelines. We hope that other organisations will decide to get started on Valorant and will appreciate their talents.