T1 parts ways with Brax and AZK

Sometimes, you have to know how to make difficult decisions. The team T1 is taking advantage of the short time between the two Valorant Challengers NA to make major changes in their players. This is how we learn that T1 has decided to part ways with Brax and AZK.

T1 was a particularly ambitious team. It made it its mission to reveal the "Faker" of Valorant and create a true FPS icon. It was with this idea in mind that the organisation signed their first pro player, Brax, even before Valorant launch. T1 also started two teams, one in North America and one in South Korea.

But since the early stages of Valorant, despite a promising start, T1 has never managed to climb into the top of the North American teams. T1 has never won a tournament and only made it to the quarter-finals in minor competitions. The organisation also had to say goodbye to its Korean team. Proud of its success in League of Legends, T1 may have think too big, too fast.

After new disappointments at the Valorant Challengers NA, it was time for T1 to react. This is how we learn the departure of Brax and AZK. It's a blow for both players for whom Valorant represented a new prospect. These two former CS:GO pros have been permanently banned from Valve's game competitions, after having rigged matches. So they had as much hope in T1 as T1 had in them.

If they were impressive on CS:GO, Brax and AZK have never excelled on Valorant. They are among those players, like Skadoodle also at T1, who don't manage to make the transition.

On T1 side, we don't waste time in the changes. A few days ago, the team recruited Autimatic, another CS:GO pro who has played for organisations like Cloud9, TSM and Gen.G Esports.

It also has a new coach, in the person of David Denis. The latter is probably no stranger to the restructuring underway within the team. When recruiting Autimatic, Denis said he wanted to win the Valorant Champions Tour by building a team in line with the values of T1. A statement that contrasts with the discourse of the organisation so far. It could also have a lot of implication, but it already foreshadows big changes.

T1 is still missing a player to start out on the right foot, and try to restore its image. They'll have to hurry, the qualifying tournament for the Valorant Challenger NA 2 starts on Tuesday.