Suygetsu joins FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) has announced the acquisition of Dmitry "Suygetsu" Ilyushin, former player for ForZe Esports.

ForZe Esports is no longer...

The organisation ForZe Esports had one of the best teams in the EMEA region. The players won the First Strike CIS final and finished second in the CIS Masters in the VCT Phase 1. However, the roster has recently been shattered after the departure of 3 players to One Breath Gaming. Losing their LCQ-EMEA spot to One Breath Gaming, ForZe decided to withdraw from the Valorant scene for now.

... and the FPX roster is slowly being reborn!

Following this announcement, Suygetsu found himself without an organisation. FPX saw the player's potential and signed him. FunPlus Phoenix is a good organisation on Valorant. The former roster had won the Valorant Contenders Cup, made it to the top 4 of several Challengers during the VCT and finished 4th in the Phase 1 EMEA Masters.

This collaboration is therefore interesting for both parties: : Suygetsu joins one of the European behemoths and FPX gets a player who perfectly completes its roster.

Last August, the organisation had separated from ShadoW and dimasick. The departure of dimasick meant the departure of the only player of Cypher and Killjoy in the team. Suygetsu has a place in the team, as he has specialised in the role of Sentinel with these two Agents, but also more recently with Skye. In addition to his preferred position, the Russian player is able to take on the role of Duelist with Jett when necessary.

Right now, the active roster counts 4 players: ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan and Suygetsu, playing respectively Omen, Sova, Raze and Cypher. FPX will have to find one last member to participate in future competitions. Why not another duelist?

Although the organisation did not perform well enough during the VCT to join the Valorant Champions or the LCQ, it has not said its last word and intends to make up for it in the next season!