Stunner, T1's new assistant coach, causes controversy

The T1 team is going through a rough patch in the United-States. After losing in the first stages of the two previous NA Challengers, a change was expected. That's why, on 8th April, T1 announced on Twitter that Cody “Stunner” MacLeod will be its new assistant coach. An announcement that created controversy on social networks.

Stunner, cheater on PUBG: the community is outraged

The decision quickly made the Internet users react, and for good reason: Stunner is known to have used a cheating software on two of his PUBG accounts, ce qui lui avait coûté un ban d’un an en 2018.

Cette annonce pose la question de la longévité et de la portée des bans sur différents jeux compétitifs. Un joueur banni pour triche sur un circuit compétitif devrait-il l’être sur tous les autres ? Si oui, pour quelle durée ? De plus, ce n’est pas la première fois que T1 recrute des joueurs au passé complexe. Rappelons que l’équipe s’est construite autour de Brax, who was himself convicted for match fixing on CSGO.

It's mostly PUBG players who point to the problem with this recruitment. Many point to the fact that stunner, who was in his early twenties at the time, was banned from the PUBG competitive scene. Others criticise the fact that the assistant coach completely changed his nickname, replacing Exko with Stunner. They question whether or not he is really taking responsibility for his history.

However, although investigations by PUBG staff established that the player was cheating on his secondary accounts, they found no evidence of cheating during official competitions. His victories are therefore legitimate and tend to give the player credibility in his position.

T1 defends its choice

Since his ban, Stunner has moved away from PUBG to other games. He first played Fortnite for a while. he then went on to make a name for himself on Apex Legends, including winning Season 2 of the APEX.PRO North America League. When Valorant was announced, he switched back to CSGO to prepare for the Riot Game. Since then, he has decided to switch to coaching.

T1 reacted quickly to the questions and outrage. The next day, the team published a second video of the head coach David Denis, as well as Stunner.

Denis states that T1 is well aware of its new recruit's record. Stunner, on the other hand, says he has always been transparent with his teammates about his history and ban, especially when he was a pro on Apex Legends. He claims to regret his actions and says it has cost him many opportunities.

The head coach conclude by saying that T1 believes in second chances. He says that Stunner has been on trial for several months and has convinced him of his qualities. He thinks that his ability to continue to evolve in e-sports is a reason to give him one.

This answer does not seem to have convinced the sceptics, but T1 is sticking to its guns. Stunner will therefore have to prove himself, on the ground.