Stellar leaves Luminosity Gaming

Earlier in August, Luminosity Gaming took moose back in the roster instead of ban. This time, the organisation is parting ways with stellar, who has been inactive since May.

After 3 months on the bench of Luminosity Gaming, Brenden "stellar" McGrath has officially been released from his duties. With Luminosity, the player won the Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship, a 3rd place finish at the Challengers 1 and 3 of Phase 1 as well as a 5-6th place at the NA Masters 1.

While inactive at LG, the player of Omen and Astra participated in various tournaments, mainly with the OOKERS and the Benchwarmers. However, he never got very far during these competitions, having won at most a 9-16th place at the Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship.

For the future, Stellar has announced that he is looking for a new team as Smoker or Sentinel and possibly as in-game leader. On the Luminosity Gaming bench, only ban and thief are left.