Start of the main event – VCT 2022 Week 3 recap

After several weeks of waiting, the main event of the VCT EMEA 2022 finally started on Friday 11th February. Two groups of six teams will compete for several weeks to determine who will advance to the first Masters of the year.

For this first weekend, each team played once, for a total of six games in BO3. Recap of this third week of the VCT 2022 competition.

Group A favourites stand out

Team Liquid0-2Gambit Esports
Natus Vincere2-0LDN UTD

Team Liquid VS Gambit Esports

Team Liquid and Gambit Esports opened this new VCT season. The last meeting between the two teams was in Challengers 3 of Phase 3, when a place in the Berlin Masters was at stake. Gambit won 2-1, preventing Liquid from reaching the last international event of the year before the Champions.

Determined to get their revenge, the Liquid gave it their all in this first match but it wasn't enough. Icebox, the first map was tight at the beginning, but Chronicle did an exemplary job of putting his team ahead 11-3. Liquid then managed to go up 12-9, but Gambit came out on top and sealed the map 13-9.

Breeze was the scene of the second confrontation between the two teams. This map being one of the best in Liquid, the latter started as favourites and controlled the early game very well. Assigned to defence to start with, they were leading 7-5 at half time. ScreaM and soulcas, on Skye and KAY/O respectively, gave it their all in this first phase of the game. However, the Chamber of Chronicle got the better of their opponents after the side change and the Russians ended the game on a 13-8.

FunPlusPhoenix VS BIG

Bind was the first map of this new confrontation and saw BIG triumph quite easily, notably thanks to a great performance from gob bb. The map ended quickly with a score of 13-7.

The two teams then met on Haven. BIG took the lead early on, leading 4-1, but FPX was determined not to let them down again and they took control, finishing 7-5 up at half time. BIG did not manage to stop the surge and were hampered by the aggressive play ofardiis and Zyppan. FPX won the second map 13-8.

On Split, the last map of the match, BIG once again took the lead to 9-5. However, they lost the next seven sets, despite some good work from Twisten, and let the match slip away. Split ended 13-11 in favour of FPX, with the latter getting their first win of the season.

Natus Vincere VS LDN UTD

The final Group A match of the first week of the competition was between Natus Vincere has LDN UTD. The match ended 2-0 in favour of the Russians.

NAVI was monstrous on Ascent, the first map. They gave their opponents no chance in the first phase of the game and went into half-time 11-1 down. However, LDN UTD managed to win a few rounds once they went on the attack, thanks to a wild MOLSI on Sova. It was not enough though and the Russians won the map 13-7.

The second map was less complicated for LDN UTD, as it wasHaven and the Lithuanian players had a very good winning streak on this map. The first game was in their favour, and they were leading 8-4 before the teams switched roles. However, once NAVI went on attack, LDN UTD could do nothing to stop the Russians and the game ended with NAVI winning again NAVI in 13-9.

Surprises in Group B

G2 Esports1-2Fnatic
SuperMassive Blaze0-2Acend
BBL Esports0-2Guild Esports

G2 Esports VS Fnatic

The first match in Group B promised to be an explosive one, as two giants of the scene met.

The match started on Icebox where G2 Esports quickly took the lead and was leading 7-5 when half time arrived. But Fnatic were monstrous, especially once they went on defense where they only conceded one round to their opponents and closed the map 13-8. We salute the performance of Mistic who shone on his Viper during the whole map.

The second map, Ascent, went pretty much the same as the first, except that G2 got revenge on Fnatic. This victory was due in part to the Sova of nukkye which had a big impact on many rounds. As a result, although Fnatic took the lead and was leading 9-2 at the end of the first round, G2 turned the tide in the second round and ended up winning 13-11.

The third and final map was Split and both teams gave it their all to win. However, there could only be one winner and this time it was Fnatic. After a first phase of neck and neck play, G2 finally fell to the very aggressive attacks of the Raze of Derke. The English team sealed the map 13-8 and the match 2-1.

SuperMassiveBlaze VS Acend

The reigning world champions got the new season off to a flying start by inflicting a heavy defeat on SuperMassive Blaze.

The first map, Ascent, was very competitive for both teams and it was even SMB who was leading 8-4 in the first half. But they were no match for the Jett of cNed and the Sova of BONECOLD, both of whom put in strong performances. They gave their team the win, 14-12.

Bind, the second map was much more complicated for the Turkish players, who were roughed up the whole time. They managed to win only four rounds in the first phase of the game, and then conceded absolutely everything to Acend once the latter went on defense. The map ended 13-4 and the world champions took their first win of the season. Once again, BONECOLD and cNed were key in this game.

BBL Esports VS Guild Esports

The last game of the weekend was between BBL Esports and Guild Esports. Just like the previous match, this one ended rather quickly.

On Breeze, Guild Esports did not meet any real resistance from BBL Esports, who only won six rounds in total. The repeated assaults of Leo and Sayf were enough to defeat the Turks, who finally lost 13-6.

Both teams then switched on Haven and this time the scores were much closer. At half time, Guild Esports were leading by a narrow 7-5 margin. Once the second phase of play began, the BBLs put up a good fight but it was not enough to stop the Sova of trexx and the Chamber of Leo, who both formed an explosive duo. The map ended 13-9 and the match 2-0 in favour of Guild Esports.

The ranking at the end of this first week

Group A
Natus Vincere1-0
Gambit Esports1-0
Team Liquid0-1
Group B
Guild Esports1-0
G2 Esports0-1
BBL Esports0-1
SuperMassive Blaze0-1

After this first week of competition, some teams surprised by their defeat, and it is notably the case of G2 Esports and Team Liquid. They will have to prove themselves over the next few weeks if they want to reach the playoffs, and why not get a place in the first Masters of this VCT 2022.

To follow the rest of the competition, see you on 18th February.

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