South Asia enters the Valorant Champions Tour

The Valorant competitive scene continues to grow! Last Saturday, during day 6 of the Reykjavík Masters 2, Riot announced the Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC), a tournament open to countries of South Asia.

The Valorant competitive scene is still yound and has a bright future ahead of it! Today, South Asia's turn to join the Valorant Champions Tour. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal will compete for the play-offs of the Valorant Conquerors Championship and the equivalent of $33.000! The winner of the VCC will earn a spot in the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (which already includes South Korea, Japan and South East Asia) and will attempt to qualify for the Valorant Champions in December.

This is good news for players in these regions, but also for Valorant, which is slowly establishing itself around the world and trying to make a name for itself on the competitive shooter scene. It remains to be seen what the South Asian teams have to offer!