SoOn leaves Overwatch and joins Valorant

SoOn, former player ofOverwatch, has announced on 14th April via a TwitLonger that he's starting a new career on Valorant. He is far from being the first Overwatch player to switch game, as his former teammate, HyP, has already been on the Valorant scene for over a year.

SoOn was first a player of ShootMania. On Ubisoft's game, he won the ESWC 2013 with against All authority as well as the ESWC 2014 withAera eSport.

In 2016, SoOn launched himself on Overwatch. As part of the French team, he won 4th place in the 2019 Overwatch World Cup 2019. In Overwatch League, the Frenchman first went to Los Angeles Valiant, where the team ended 2nd in the first season, then went to Paris Eternal. His career should have continued with Boston Uprising, but a visa issue led the latter team to end his contract. The player, now free, has his heart set on Valorant for the future.

Joining the Valorant scene was already in some of the player's plans. SoOn had stated that if he couldn't find a team in the Overwatch League to take him in after Paris Eternal didn't renew his contract, he would consider moving to Valorant.

This is therefore the occasion for SoOn to join Riot's FPS. It remains to be seen how quickly he will find a team, and if he will be able to make the transition between Overwatch and Valorant.