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Solo ends his pro career

While he has been a player for more than twenty years, first on CS and CS:GO, then more recently on Valorant, the South Korean player solo announced a few days ago that he was ending his professional career as professional gamer.

Solo made his debut on the Valorant stage as part of the team Proparty. This team has been successful in several smaller competitions, before the roster was fully signed by Nuturn Gaming in early 2021.

This new organisation was noticed and quickly became one of the best in South Korea. It achieved a top 3 finish at the Korean Phase 1 Challengers 2, and qualified for the Masters 1 Kora where it placed second, losing to Vision Strikers in the final.

After this performance, the team won the Korean Phase 2 Challengers, which allowed them to qualify for a Masters again, this time in Reykjavik. At the competition, the roster was defeated by Fnatic and took third place.

The season continues with a top 4 at the Korean Phase 3 Challengers. However, a poor performance in the Playoffs deprived Nuturn Gaming of the Masters 3 in Berlin. 

Despite their record of success, the team found themselves competing in the Last Chance Qualify APAC where they only finished in fourth place and therefore did not qualify for the Valorant Champions. This last competition marked the end of their VCT season..

Following the last results of the roster, Nuturn Gaming had started to make changes in July. Thus, Lakia and 10X have left the organisation, recently followed by allow and Suggest.

It's now solo who announces that he will not continue with the team because he is ending his career. He thus leaves the competitive scene after a year which, despite some setbacks at the end, will remain marked by great performances. If we don't know yet what his future will be, maybe we will see him as a coach; only time will tell.