Sinatraa suspended for 6 months from VCT

We now know the sentence of Sinatraa, temporarily suspended from the competition following accusations of sexual assault against the player. The Sentinels player will not be allowed to participate in the Valorant Champions Tour for 6 months.

Just as Riot was conducting an internal investigation into the allegations against the Sentinels player, his ex-girlfriend officially filed a complaint and the investigation was handed over to law enforcement. So for now, it's not longer up to Riot to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. However, this does not clear Sinatraa of violating Rule 8.1 of VALORANT's Global Competition Policy.

According to Riot, the player did not cooperate as he should with the tournament operator. He allegedly made false statements, misrepresented facts, and did not provide a full copy of the video shared by his girlfriend as he has promised. The player reacted in a twitlonger by saying that he did not have this document.

In any case, Sinatraa has been banned from Valorant competitions for six months. In addition to waiting for the end of his suspension, he will have to take a training in professional player conduct before returning to the competitive scene.

This sentence is deemed to have started on 10th March 2021, the date since which the player has been suspended, and will therefore end on 10th September. Sinatraa will therefore be able to return to the competition for the last chance qualifiers as well as the Valorant Champions. It remains to be seen whether he will still be a member of a professional team by then.