Sinatraa returns as a professional player

The former professional player Sinatraa has just announced on his social networks that he is ready to return to the competitive scene of Valorant.

In May 2021, the Sentinels' player Sinatraa had been suspended from the VCT for a period of 6 months. He had been accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend. In addition to not being able to participate in the VCT, he was dropped from his team and relegated to the rank of streamer.

As his suspension officially began on 10th March 2021, the player was supposed to be able to return to competition on 10th September 2021. This did not happen for undisclosed reasons, but it is known that the player spent a lot of time live streaming on his Twitch channel.

Now, almost a year after that decision, he has announced that he is ready to return to the competitive scene of Riot Games' FPS.

The player should therefore start testing next week, but it is not yet known with which teams. According to him, he would like to return to his former team: Sentinels. In order to compensate for the loss of its star player, the structure had signed a contract with TenZ in June 2021. To bring Sinatraa into the fold, one of the current players would have to be benched or brought in as a substitute.

However, the organisation has not commented on the subject at the moment, but we should probably know more in the coming days.