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Shanks and Poised leave Dignitas

The Dignitas announced its line-up one month ago, but changes are already made. The brothers Shanks and Poised are no longer part of the team.

Dignitas made its team by recruiting former players of Homeless. At that time, there were 4 official players, including Kevin "Poised"Ngo, while his brother Ryan "Shanks"Ngo was substitute. A week later, the results were more than promising. The Dignitas have defeated TSM twice, yet among the favourites of the tournament.

However, Dignitas announced today that Shanks ' trial period has ended without success. The team decided not to sign a contract with the player, believing he wasn't what it was looking for.

Dignitas' tweet about the end of Shank's trial period. Dignitas

Likely consequence of this separation, his brother, Poised, also left Dignitas despite his position as official player in the roster. This separation was made by mutual agreement. We imagine that Poised wants to continue playing with his brother. He is, in any case, looking for a new team to represent on Valorant.

Poised's tweet about his brother's and his departure from Dignitas Poised

On Dignitas side, there are therefore only 3 players and 2 positions to be filled. There is no doubt that the dynamics of the team will change. Hopefully for them, they will know how to keep the very good impression they managed to make during the Pop Flash.