Sentinels makes changes to its coaching staff

As we learned a few days ago, Sentinels is part of the teams involved in the VCT Americas for the 2023 season. Nevertheless, some changes were necessary to be able to perform again. That is why the coaching staff has recently been revised.

The year 2021 has been a winning one for the Sentinels. The team won almost all of the Challengers North America and also won the Masters 1 and the Masters 2 Reykjavik. The end of the year was a little more complicated, however, as the players lost out quickly at the Masters 3 Berlin and the Valorant Champions.

This is why changes had been made to the roster. New players were recruited, as well as a new coach: Rawkus. However, this renewal was not successful as Sentinels' results for the 2022 season were mixed. The first Challengers of the year ended with a top 7-8 and the second on a top 11-12. The team did not participate in a single international event, as it was beaten in the quarter-finals of the Last Chance Qualifier by 100 Thieves.

Following this disappointing season, the coaching staff has once again been reviewed. Recently, the structure announced on social networks that Rawkus, the coach, has been replaced by not one, but two new coaches. SyykoNT joins the ranks as a head coach and is accompanied by kaplan, who takes on the role of strategic coach.

SyykoNT is the former coach of XSET, which which he has won two NSG Championships and the North American Challengers 2. His players also qualified for the Copenhagen Masters 2 and the Valorant Champions, but did not perform well in either event.

As of kaplan started on Valorant as a player, then moved on to coach Ghost Gaming at the beginning of 2021, with whom he has had some good results.

It is hoped that these changes will be beneficial to the Sentinels and that they will be back in top form for the start of the 2023 season.