Sector One wins VRL France first split

After several weeks of fierce competition, Sector One finally won the final against Team BDS and became the first champion team of the Valorant Regional League: France.

An uncertain qualification

Sector One are the big winners of this first VRL France split. However, the team was far from being the favourite in this tournament, although its players, former Megastitut, have already shone in competition. Indeed, some big names of the scene took part such as Vitality, BDS or OG.

However, the Belgian team did not let themselves be impressed and made a very good start to the regular season, winning three of their first four games. However, the rest of the competition was slightly more complicated and the Foxes drew two games and lost the last game against beGenius. Until the last moment, their place in the playoffs was therefore far from assured.

In the end, the setbacks of some teams allowed Sector One to qualify and finish the regular season at the top of the table, alongside OG and Team BDS. The players were then able to face beGenius in the semi-finals. This match was an opportunity for the foxes to take their revenge by winning the match 3-1. Now qualified for the final, they had only one more team to beat to be crowned winners of the split.

A hotly contested final

Their opponents in the final were Team BDS, after the latter had beaten OG 3-1 in the semi-final. The favourites for the BO5, they quickly showed Sector One that they were not there for the fun of it.

The beginning of the match was very eventful and was not a pleasure for the Belgian team. Indeed, despite some good performances from the players, Team BDS won Haven and Bind, the first two maps. Three match points were thus to come and, even if all was not yet lost for the foxes, the chances of winning this final had considerably diminished.

Although Sector One could have conceded defeat and given up hope of victory, this was not the case. Determined to show that they had not arrived there by chance and that they were quite capable of winning against BDS, they did not give up.

They won the next map, Ascent, in 13-8, bringing the score to 2-1. The last two maps were then extremely close and went on and on, as both teams had no desire to let the win slip away. Both sides gave it their all and Split and Haven, the last two maps, ended in 14-12 and 18-16.

However, there could only beone winning team and here it was Sector One. Their will to win was stronger than anything else and the players put in an incredible performance. They were on the verge of a collapse, but turned it around and went on to win against one of the favourite teams of the tournament. Special mention to Goaster and MARCTYLINHO, although all the players were monstrous.

This first place offers them the first title of champions of the VRL France, as well as a qualification for the VCT Promotion which will be played from 1st to 10th April. They will face the best teams of each VRL, as well as BIG and SuperMassive Blaze, the last two VCT teams. If they finish in the top 2 of the event, they will get their place in the second Challengers of the year.

We congratulate them for this great victory and wish them good luck for the upcoming competition!

Sector One wins first VRL France split - valorant vrl france meta 1 -

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