Sector One Will play with Its former academic team in 2023

After a somewhat complicated split 2 of VRL France, the Belgian team Sector One has taken the decision to part ways with its main roster to continue to compete with its academic players. They will therefore participate in the French Cup which will take place from 27th October to 12th December.

Sector One is a Belgian team that was entered in the VRL France for this 2022 season. In the first split, their players had a very good group phase with three wins, three draws and only one loss. They then eliminated beGenius in the semi-final and Team BDS in the final.

As a VRL France Split 1 winners, Sector One qualified for the VCT Promotion. Unfortunately, their performance was much worse than during the regular season, as the Foxes went 0-2 during the group stage and were directly eliminated.

To prepare the second split, the team separated from Goaster, KONEQT and Shin. It then recruited OLIZERA, saiko and qpert. But these changes were not beneficial and this new roster had a hard time winning games. Accumulating twelve defeats for only six wins, Sector One did not qualify for the playoffs and thus finished the split 2 with a top 8.

Now it's time to look ahead to the next season and that's why the Belgian structure has taken the decision to continue on Valorant with its academic roster. The latter was particularly successful in the Benelux Open Tour and even managed to secure a place in the French Cup. Given these very good results, it was obvious for Sector One to continue with them.

MaximN, thooOOM, Flickless, dash and q will represent Benelux at the French Cup. However, it is not known if the team will play in the VRL France next year, we will have to wait for further announcements from Riot Games to be sure.